iPhone Apps for Students Word Processor

Brilliant iPhone apps for word processing

When it comes to word processors, “best” is often closely aligned with “free” or even “inexpensive”.  The reason for this is simple; pretty much everything has some type of word processor functionality built into it, in a way.  Okay, maybe they’re not genuine apps made for word processing, but it shows just how expansive and widely integrated the very notion of being able to access word processor-like features such as “spell correct” (on the fly), actually is.

Arguably, the easiest solution is to simply install the Google Drive app on your iPhone.  Why?  Simply put, your Google drive will be linked to an email account and also serve as a fully-featured online-delivered word processor which is completely integrated with a platform that makes it really easy to share documents once they’re finished.  Moreover, you can also choose contacts from your gmail account and privately share specific items with them (and only them), retaining the power to later revoke access as well.   Moreover, you’ll also have full access to other handy google deployments such as Google Translate, which is extremely handy for those who regularly travel or do work/business internationally.  Of course Google Docs isn’t perhaps the best solution in every instance; this is especially true if you’re not prone to getting stable connections on a regular basis.  In other words, Google Drive works best when you can remain connected to the internet with few interruptions.

If you’re looking for a more of a “software solution“ whereby you can download and install an app on your iPhone which won’t require a constant internet connection, “Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite)” s perhaps the way to go.  In short, it’s a straightforward platform which allows you to do most word processing tasks along with the features you’d want to be available.  However there’s even more than meets the eye here, you can also quickly bring up a drawing pane as well as spreadsheet templates and photos too.  Furthermore, this iTunes download will also allow you to interface with Google Docs, meaning you have the best of both worlds at your disposal.  In all honesty, there’s not much that you won’t be able to do with this free app, but it might take a while to truly master it (although it is designed fairly well).

For those who need to create, access, share or edit files from the various Microsoft Office format(s), QuickOffice Pro is worth checking out.  We’re talking about graphical editing and the ability to use your touchscreen to click, drag and resize items within the framework of what amounts to a word processor-centric suite.  At a cost of $14.99(USD) some people might be inclined to look for other solutions, but for those who love Apple stuff but work or regularly interface with MS folk, it’s extremely useful.