Student laptops

Great laptops for students

It’s more or less impossible to think of going to school these days without having access to some type of computer.  Aside from the fact that we need computers and/or devices which can connect to the internet (which is in and of itself, an immense “knowledge portal”), chances are, a student will at the very least want something like a laptop for basic word processing, etc.  At any rate, here are some laptops which would be perfect for a student of any age or grade…

When it comes to purchasing a laptop there are basically two factors which you need to consider:

  1. What you’re going to use it for (the extent of your activities)

  2. What specific features you’ll need

For the average person / student, the ability to check email, do word processing and perhaps even access other types of media content through a browser is really all that is generally required.  Arguably, the absolute best and perhaps simplest solution is to buy a Samsung Chromebook.  Sporting a price tag under $300(USD) and running on what amounts to a chrome browser type of OS, the chromebook is a complete solution for students.  Given that there is pretty much a free app / online service for nearly everything you can think of these days, having a portal which is more or less just a secure platform for running a browser is quite refreshing.  Moreover, if a person is interested in devoting a specific laptop to schoolwork / studies, the chromebook is again perhaps the most cost-effective and thorough machine which is pretty much perfect for the job.

If you’re looking for more of a fully-featured laptop that won’t break the bank, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch is worth taking a look at.  You can pick up an IdeaPad 2500 Touch these days for under $600(USD), but despite the paltry price, it’s sturdy, agile and powerful enough to do most anything.  Sure, it might not be able to handle a large number of processor hogging activities like a machine designed for higher performance, but this laptop will still be able to run games, visual editing software, as well as other critical apps / programs (for entertainment, business or academic purposes).  Packed inside you have a Core i7 processor as well as Nvidia GeForce GT 740M graphics, a strong and well-balanced combination.

Last but certainly not least there’s the HP Envy x2, which is a sort of hybrid laptop / tablet, making it an extremely versatile device all around.  Likewise, you can pick up an HP Envy x2 for under $700(USD), an excellent value.  In short, the computer itself is powerful enough for most applications / activities, but the really cool thing about it is its ability to shift between being a traditional laptop and a tablet computer.  In other words, you can remove the screen element from that of the keyboard section and use it in the same manner as you would a conventional tablet.  Naturally, being able to attach this portion to the base which contains the keyboard is not only very handy when you have a writing assignment to complete; it also provides more a more extensive battery life.  You see, the base contains a 2nd battery…