How to brush up on maths skills (For Primary students)

While Mathematics isn’t really a subject that a lot of school children returning to classes tend to get excited about, one can’t question its overall importance when it comes to education.  For primary-age students, perhaps the best way to ensure that there will be no falling behind or lack of enthusiasm, a little brush up program specifically pertaining to math should be worth exploring.  You don’t have to jump straight into the more tedious aspects of math education though; it’s perfectly fine to kick things off with more entertaining bits and/or interactive elements which might be accessed via online sources.  For example, once general interest has been raised in a specific area, some of the more fundamental processes and complex concepts can be dispersed.

Arguably, most children will want or perhaps need to start off by looking at their multiplication tables.  Naturally, sites like offer some very creative games which integrate the memorization of multiplication tables.  Even if a student has already covered them in the previous year, it’s still useful to refresh things a bit with a fun video game or two.

Another fairly useful site is, which provides a portal for a variety of games as well as things like flash cards which can be used / downloaded.  Moreover, there’s also a homework helper section which can help you to both complete and check your work.  Additionally, you can find worksheets there as well, many of them being quite similar to something that students might be receiving as home work.

If you’re interested in specific math plans for certain grades,’s math setion is perhaps the best solution.  For example, there are sections for each grade K-12, meaning that you can find exactly the sort of mathematics lessons there as you might encounter in class throughout the school year.  Moreover, each lesson is accessible and features very nice graphics along with timers and calculated statistics.  In short, you couldn’t really ask for a better math refresher solution than the one offered by

Whether it’s time to take a break or to really mix things up and try to make math learning fun, is truly a great online destination for students.  There are pages of colorful and interesting games to choose from spanning everything from physics and geometry to number and word puzzles.  However, what’s really going to excite younger students is the “fun and wacky” aspects associated with many of these games.

There you have it, four great sites which primary students can use to ignite their interest in math as well as hone their skills.  Teachers may even want to consider bringing the use of these websites into the classroom, especially given their overall effectiveness when it comes to generating active participation among students.