How to Write Your First Book and Submit it to the Amazon Kindle Store

For millions of people, writing their own book is one of the most exciting accomplishments of their life. Until recently however, getting the “Great American Novel” published has been quite another matter. Traditionally, publishers can be quite choosy about the books they want for their company, they often charge money to have the book published and the author only sees a very small fraction of the sales.

Self publishing however has taken a new turn with the inclusion of the new Amazon Kindle store. Kindle is the electronic book platform for Amazon and their self-publishing platform is free and you get a significant amount of the sales as well. While becoming a best selling author may be more difficult with this route, getting your book published in the first place has become much easier.

How to Get your Book Published on Amazon Kindle

First things first, you have to have something to publish. The very first step should be writing your own book without worrying about whether it meets the criteria or fits within the publishing platform of Kindle. You can always make adjustments later. The most important step is to start writing and keep writing until you have finished the book.

Most books fall into two categories, fiction and non-fiction. Most books published on Amazon are non-fiction, but both types generally have the same basic structure. Your book should be about something, the story that you tell needs a beginning, middle and ending and it needs to be constructed using chapters so that your audience can more easily keep up with what you write.

The Proper Format

Fortunately, Amazon Kindle works with a number of popular formats, including PDF and Microsoft Word. You can also use n open source ePub format as well. With the myriad of formats that can be utilized, you can write your book pretty much on what you are comfortable with or simply copy and paste it to the appropriate format once you are finished.

Create the Front, Back and Cover

Just like books you find at the library, your book must have cover, both front and back just like an actual printed book. However, you can use a number of programs that will help you design and create covers for your eBook. Whether you choose to use your own images or photographs, use free art and images found on the internet or go with simple graphics. Your eBook should look attractive and professional.

Upload & Publish Your eBook to Amazon Kindle

This is actually fairly easy to accomplish. Amazon Kindle has a step-by-step process that allows you to upload your eBook fairly quickly. If you notice any irregularities, you can make alterations even after your book goes online.

Amazon Kindle does not charge you for publishing a book and you get a healthy share of the purchases as well. In essence, this is a win-win since Amazon and you make money from the sales.


In order for your book to sell, you will have to promote it. This means using social media, writing articles, blogs and whatever it takes to get the word out about your book. Remember, the more you sell, the more money you can make when you self-publish on Amazon Kindle.