Improve your grammar skills (For High School students)

When it comes to students (of all ages) and grammar, we often expect the worst.  The nagging voice of your average primp and proper teacher, echoed voice resounding in a relatively bare classroom, extolling the virtues of proper punctuation.  No one knows this better than high school students, many of whom typically bear the brunt of the English or creative writing teacher’s assault on their sloppy or inaccurate grammar.  Not to worry though, there is always hope.  Even if you think you’re hopelessly lost in a sea of vocabulary amidst the storms of sentence structure, we assure you, there are ways of quickly and easily improving your grammar skills…

First off, when it comes to language and writing, the more material / media you digest, the better off you’ll be.  In other words, think of it in terms of “practice makes perfect”, i.e. – the more reading you do, the easier it will be to pick up on all the intricate rules and patterns of English sentence structure and paragraph development.  Whether you are more of a brainiac, athlete or completely averse to reading in general, some type of literature (in whatever form) is out there just waiting to pique your interest.  For instance, you might discover that you really enjoy science fiction, scientific journals or even racy novels.  Regardless of whether you’re into books or more serialized print media like magazines, you should try to immerse yourself in that specific area which appeals to you the most.

Many a great writer has often compared the written word and even the act of writing or typing to that of music.  In other words, just like with music, there are clichés, patterns and rules which need to be followed in order to make sure everything “sounds right”.  Remember, the rules don’t exist to confuse you, it’s actually the exact opposite – they exist in order to help everyone communicate more completely and clearly.

When it comes to actually looking for assistance with grammar testing and training, there is perhaps no greater source of support than the internet and the many organizations specializing in this area.  Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to effectively tune-up your grammar skills is to download an app like the one from  While the site tends to cater to students who might be coming from foreign countries and English is their second language, it’s still useful for native English speakers as well.  Naturally, the thing that makes it so useful is the fact that it’s a downloadable app which can be integrated into your smartphone / tablet setup.   There are articles, videos, quizzes and even courses which you can tap into to, if you wish.  Perhaps one of the best ways to approach the site/app is to click on over to it when you’re just standing around, like waiting for a cab or a train, instead of firing up a video game.