Is It Okay For Staff To Use Facebook On Your Time?

Facebook is the largest social networking website on the internet. Almost one-fifth of the world’s population has an account these days, and so most of your employees will use it daily. Is it okay for them to do that in the workplace? Should you feel concerned about anything? That is the issue we’re going to discuss on this page. The negative sides the Facebook are below. You just need to work out whether you can handle them or whether you need to ban your employees from using the site.

Facebook is distracting

If your employees are spending too much time on Facebook during working hours, it might be wise to highlight your issue with their actions. Facebook is incredibly distracting, and it could mean your worker is not fully concentrating on the task at hand.

Facebook can lead to viruses

The site itself doesn’t give your system viruses in most circumstances. It’s usually the links your friends post to dodgy websites that cause the problems. A good antivirus program should help to reduce the chances of anything major happening, but staying off Facebook altogether might be wise.

Facebook makes it easier to hack computers

All hackers know that getting into someone’s computer through their Facebook account is much easier than using alternative means. So, anyone who wants to steal information from your company might attack Facebook accounts first.

Don’t get us wrong here. Social media is a wonderful thing that has enriched our lives. However, it’s probably best left out of the workplace unless it’s being used for business purposes.

Infographic By netstar