Tips to Improve your English Grammar

English is a language of the world and many countries emphasize it as a second language to take advantage of the many opportunities that it provides. However, non-native English speakers have a far more difficult time when it comes to skills that are important for writing and speaking in English. Therefore, improving English grammar is paramount to breaking into these coveted fields of opportunity.

What follows is a simple set of guidelines to help you improve your English grammar skills. Even native English speakers can pick up a few tips that can help them improve their speaking and writing. The first step however is to create a proper plan for improving your overall grammar skills.

This plan should include a general overview of what you plan on improving, what resources you will need to find and setting aside the proper time to cultivate your English grammar.

Identify What you Need to Improve

Obviously, you are not working on your English grammar skills unless there is something specific that you want to improve. So be sure to identify those areas and work on them first. As you go along, you may find other areas that need improvement as well, but don’t get distracted. List all the areas where you need improvement and address them in order so you can do a complete job.

Get Help

Finding a tutor can be one of the best avenues for improving your English grammar. While every tutor will bring his or her own eccentricities to the English language, on the whole you are better off finding someone who can help you with the problem areas of your grammar. Alternatively, you can try computer programs, websites and the like to help you as well.

Grammar Exercises

Whether you use a book or go online, there are plenty of grammar exercises that you can do in your spare time. Games, quizzes and activities can help you improve your grammar skills quickly and it’s usually a lot of fun as well. In fact, there are many online sites that offer fun and education grammar quizzes and games that can improve your English skills very rapidly.


One way to help your English grammar is to translate words and phrases from your native language into English. This is because you cannot avoid the complicated grammar that is relatively easy to do in your own native language. So chose specific words and phrases from your language and translate them into English. You’ll find that after a while, working out the grammar becomes much easier.

Read Aloud

It’s better if you read the words aloud so you can hear how you pronounce them. All too often when we read words silently, we think we are pronouncing them properly, but in fact this is something you have to train your voice to do. Your voice is like a muscle in that it needs work to grow and become stronger and more comfortable with doing specific tasks. Reading aloud can help your grammar considerably over time.

Each day that you spend working on your English grammar is a day that brings you one step closer to conquering this language. Be persistent, find help and never give up.