Are You Ready to Hire Your First Employee?

If you’ve never hired before, you might be at a point in business when you are considering taking somebody on. However, you need to be completely sure that this is the right thing to do. Read on to find out whether you’re ready to hire your first employee:

You’re Turning Down Work

If you’re having to turn down work, this is a big sign that you need some more employees on board. However, it depends on how big you want to get. Some startups want to stay small. They don’t like the idea of having a large business to manage. Decide where you’d like to end up before moving on.

You Pay Attention to Complaints

Having complaints isn’t always a bad thing. Providing you take things and learn from them, you can use complaints to your advantage. If people are telling you that you’re always late with orders, it looks as if hiring somebody to help you would be the right thing to do. Just be sure that there will be enough work for them to do. You don’t want to pay them to sit around doing nothing. Make a list of things that a new employee could do to be sure there’s enough.

You Know Your Legal Responsibilities

You will need to be fully clued up on the laws in your area so that you can start this process properly. Legal research will help you know what to do and what not to do. Peninsula Group Services and similar companies may be able to help you out.



You Can Really Afford This

You’ve got more than your employee’s pay to think about, so you should only hire your first employee if you’re sure you can really afford this. You may have some ongoing costs to think about, like the cost of equipment needed for the employee to complete their job. You will also need employer’s insurance to protect you both, so factor that in. You may need to train the employee up too, which is a time investment. Can you afford everything involved?

You Know Exactly What You’re Looking for

You should only hire if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Any confusion on what it is you’re looking for will leave you with a disgruntled employee and no moves towards growth. A clear job description complete with qualifications needed, will help you to identify suitable candidates. If you’re looking for someone who can do something that you can’t, then speak to people who know about it to help you. By making sure you know exactly what you’re looking for each and every time you hire, you’ll build up a strong workforce that will help you to develop and grow.

Sometimes, you may just need somebody to complete a one time task. In this case, you can hire someone on a temporary contract or even outsource the work. Only if you know this person will help your business to grow and continue to do so, should you take them on full time.

Good luck with hiring your first employee!