Joining a Professional Association in Radiography

If you are a radiographer, or thinking about starting a career in radiography, then joining the relevant professional association is a must.

The professional association that represents radiographers in the UK is; The Society of Radiographers and it offers a wealth of benefits to those with interests in clinical imaging, radiotherapy and oncology.

4132681231_bf4ecf3f1a_o(Thanks to the University of Salford for this image via Flickr)

One of the advantages of The Society of Radiographers is that it is the only organisation that represents all of the radiographic workforce. This includes, practitioners, helpers, assistant practitioners, support workers and radiographers, as well as covering students who are studying and practicing in these fields.

Like most professional associations, if you become a member they offer you some great advantages, especially over colleagues and peers who may not be a member themselves.

If you work in radiography, then joining The Society of Radiographers will give you some great workplace advice and representation. These would include elements such as:

• Pay and conditions of service
• Contracts of employment
• Grievance and disciplinary issues
• Health and safety rights
• Terms and conditions
• Career development
• Patient complaints

The Society of Radiographers will also provide you with the support and advice that you require should you injure yourself at work, or suffer illness during your time at work. Like any professional association they will also offer you free legal advice as well as representing you during tribunals, even though it is rare that any representation gets this far down the line.

As well as offering some great advice and representation when it comes to your work, they are also the minds, and the financial support, behind education and research in the field of radiography. Not just that The Society of Radiographers also publish guidance and research papers, to help its members stay ahead in their specialised field.

The Society of Radiographers, like any other professional association, can only do so much when it comes to professional development, as the onus is on the member to take any professional development work on themselves. With this in mind, they offer their very own Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme where members can benefit from planning and recording their very own development activities. Their portfolio is the members evidence for the Health Professions Council, and is quick and easy to access.

Conferences and seminars are held on a regular basis, where members can meet peers and other fellow members to discuss the latest developments in radiography. Like any professional association, The Society of Radiographers gets a discounted price if they choose to attend.

The Society of Radiographers is also proud that it is the first point of call when it comes to distributing and promoting relevant information and news to its members. The profession’s two leading monthly magazines are mailed directly to members only. Again, it is all about getting the latest information first, before any of your colleagues or peers. This puts you in a great place, and The Society of Radiographers also help advertise the latest Radiography job vacancies.

If you are a radiographer there’s a real benefit in joining the leading association in your field.