So You Want A Career As A Chef: What Skills Do You Need?

If you want to become a successful chef, you can get a professional cooking education from a culinary arts training school. Each culinary school offers various courses, allowing students to choose the best course for the type of catering they wish to specialize in.

For instance, if you wanted a career as a gourmet chef, you could choose a course that focuses on gourmet style cooking.

If, like many new chefs, you don’t know what you want to specialize in, you can always pick a more general course of study.

As part of your course, you may need to undertake an unpaid internship, to help hone your skills and gain new ones. The best way to learn to cook is by gaining hands-on experience – that’s why internships are vital for new chefs.

Aside from professional training, there are various other key skills a successful chef must master:


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A chef must be able to take criticism

To become a successful chef, you must be able to handle criticism properly. No matter how skilled you are a cooking, you are bound to have a complaint every so often – remember, everyone has different tastes.

A professional chef will take criticism well, will listen to what is said and take it on board.

A good chef needs to be passionate

If you want to succeed in the catering world, you need to be passionate. Working as a chef can be tiring that’s why it is important that you are passionate about your job. No matter what you are doing, whether it’s creating a new dish or ordering ingredients, you need to be passionate about it.

An excellent chef shows high attention to detail

Cooking is ultimately a science – the best creations always come from perfectionists. Make sure always to pay attention to the small things, you need to be aware of every last detail that your dish requires. Otherwise, you may fail to impress your guests.

A successful chef must be a good networker

In order to open up as many professional catering opportunities as possible, a good chef must be a good networker. In order to become well known, a good chef must find ways to get their name out there. Apply to as many high profile cooking roles as possible, and use your job application to showcase your skills.

To find professional catering roles to apply for, visit specialist recruitment websites. For the recruitment site of the London Chef agency click here.

A good chef should be creative

All good chefs have a creative streak. Being able to create new dishes or add your own twist to a traditional dish is part of the fun of being a chef. People love creative dishes, so to be successful in the kitchen, you must have a creative mind.

As well as being creative, a good chef should also be willing to put lots of practice in. The best chefs are often the people who practice their cooking techniques on a regular basis. As well as taking the time to learn new techniques and hone their cookery skills.