Are School Websites Essential in the Digital Age?

With more educational choice for parents, there is a need for schools to up their marketing efforts. After all, with greater choice comes greater competition. For parents, they want to know that their academic institution of choice is up to standard. If you are investing time and money into a school or college, you need to know that it is going to meet your specific requirements.

Beyond 2014, schools are going to need robust marketing campaigns and websites. This to ensure that they are prominent within the online world. Schools need funding, and growth and websites are the way to secure this. It all needs to start with an excellent website. In the digital economy, prospectuses are becoming less prevalent. It all starts with a website.

A good website is vital to the success of the school. You need to make sure that you are projecting the schools ethos and stance on education in an accessible way. After all, a good school is vocal about its achievements.

Brand Building and the Digital Age

Many schools are not as au fait as they should be with social media, brand building and web design. School web design is critical, as it allows schools to prominent members of the internet. More and more parents are tech savvy. They are keen to utilise the internet to its full advantage. Their children’s education should also be sought out via the internet.

Some schools are seeking outlets in the form of social media. While this is great to have, it should not replace a website. Schools need a dedicated online source for parents and students. This should be eye-catching and deliver the promises of the school.

Sadly, many schools believe that this is an expensive venture. This is simply not true. There are many affordable ways that schools can ensure that they have a robust website. They don’t have to blow the budget in the process. Online prospectuses, for example, are much more cost-efficient than traditional print methods. These are easier to update too. Schools administrative processes should be displayed on the website. This enables parents to get the best from their child’s education. It is cheaper to implement a website and run these processes from the website than it is to pay a premium for print. It seems that schools are yet to realise the benefits of the online, digital world.


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Is There Going to Be an Attitude Shift?

It seems that more and more schools and educational facilities are starting to see the benefits of websites. The traditional route of marketing and communications is less desirable.

Schools across the country realise that an informative and up to date website is what parents and students need. What is more, the information should be downloadable and accessible. School policies and advice from teachers can be posted to the website as part of the responsibility of care that teachers have. Having a wealth of relevant information is important. But, the website that the school possesses should convey the passion for learning that the school has. It seems that in 2014, and the future, schools are geared up to having brilliant websites.

In short, schools realise that websites are the way forward. They are becoming an essential part of the education system for teachers, parents and students.