Clever Ways to Improve Communication Between Parents and Schools

Being more involved in your child’s schooling is often linked to better performance at school. But sometimes it can feel like a struggle to stay in touch with the right people and for the right reasons. Schools still want you to fill out paper forms and pay for school trips with cheques, when there are so many ways they could simplify things. There can be a lot to keep track of, from permission forms to after-school clubs, and it doesn’t help when your child doesn’t pass on official communications. Use these tools and methods to make sure you don’t discover an important letter at the bottom of their reading folder weeks too late.

Simplify School Payments

One of the things that can be frustrating for parents is paying for various school costs. They range from dinner money to school trips, and it can be difficult to manage them. Many schools still expect you to pay using either cash or cheque, with no online option available. A lot of people don’t even own chequebooks anymore, and paying large amounts of cash isn’t practical. If your school doesn’t already have a system to make it easier, there are several ways you can convince them to simplify the process. Apart from online banking, one way to introduce online payments for schools is through a dedicated mobile app. Parents can use PayPal or other payment systems to send money directly to their school and keep track of what they need to pay.


Caitlin Regan

Contact Through Email, Text, and Mobile Apps

Every parent knows the frustration of never receiving a letter that was meant to make it home. Or perhaps they have found one much too late in their child’s bag. This method of communication is not only unreliable, but it wastes paper too. Schools have begun to use email and text messaging much more often in recent years. They can use them to let them know about anything from an upcoming trip to whether their child made it into school. Parents can keep up with what’s happening at school, fill out events, authorise school trips, and more using emails, texts and messages through mobile apps.

Track Your Child’s Calendar

There can be an awful lot to stay on top of when you have just one child at school, let alone two or more. With so many events, after-school clubs and other things going on, it’s easy to forget about various things. It helps to have a calendar for your child that you can follow, and that the school can update. If your school provides this feature, you might also be able to use it to book parents’ evening appointments and the like. But if they don’t have it, you can easily create your own calendars.

Take a More Involved Role

Another way to maintain better communication with your child’s school is to become more involved. If you have the time, you can help out at different events. You could attend school trips to chaperone, help to organise or run events or even become a classroom assistant. Not every parent has time for this, but if you do it can be very rewarding.

If your child’s school doesn’t have the right tools, you can try to convince them to use them. But if they do, make sure you take advantage of them to improve communication between you and the school.