Getting Into Ivy League Colleges: A Guide For Foreign Students

Ivy League colleges have some of the world’s brightest and gifted students enrolled. The eight Ivy League institutions accept foreign students, as well as those from the United States.

There is a stereotype that they only accept students from affluent backgrounds. Another is that they prefer domestic students.

Of course, none of that is true. If you are a student from the UK or another part of the world, you can still enrol in an Ivy League college. Not sure how? Don’t worry, because I explain how this is possible in today’s blog post! Keep reading to learn more.

You don’t need to come from a wealthy background

Money can sure buy a lot of things in this world, and one of them is a decent college education! People attend Ivy League colleges because they want to get the best jobs out there when they finish.

There was once a time when only those from affluent backgrounds could attend a prestigious Ivy League college. Today, things are different. The emphasis is on enrolling the best and gifted students.

Do you have exceptional high school grades? Do you  come from a low-income family? If so, there are grants available to cover the cost of enrolment. At Yale and Harvard, for example, if your family earns less than $60,000 a year, you pay nothing for your education there!

Foreign students are welcome

It’s no secret that Ivy League colleges have low enrolment rates in the United States. That’s because they only want to enrol the best of the best!

Many students that attend these prestigious colleges come from other countries. It’s not uncommon to see students from the UK, India and China enrolling.

Going to school in another country can seem a daunting prospect to some foreign students. The good news is that Ivy League colleges make international students feel quite welcome. They will do whatever they can to help them integrate and settle into life at an American college.

There are large communities of foreign students in the United States. You will have no trouble making new friends and learning about the American way of life.

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Visa requirements

As you might expect, in most cases you will need to apply for a visa to enter the United States. It is important you choose the right one. As a student at an Ivy League college, you will need to apply for an “F-1 nonimmigrant visa.”

Most people have concerns about getting student visas. But the good news is that getting one is a pretty straightforward process. You just need to have a confirmed place at a college. And somewhere to stay! You shouldn’t come across any problems with your application.

General entry requirements

An essential part of any Ivy League college application is your statement of purpose. It’s a short essay that demonstrates your intelligence and passion for the subject you want to study.

You will also need to give proof of your past exam scores. And a couple of academic references that the colleges can contact to vouch for your educational prowess.

Good luck!