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How Changing a Classroom Around Can Enhance Learning For Secondary School Pupils

Improving the classroom environment is something that many teachers strive to do in their daily work lives. Having the perfect classroom environment may be tough for secondary school teachers. But, it is achievable. By introducing small changes in the classroom, students find that their learning is enhanced.

The great thing about these changes is that they are not expensive. For schools that are restricted by budgets, this can prove to be a great advantage.

Inside My Classroom


Minimising Distractions

During their teenage years, secondary school students can be a little disruptive. They are prone to laughing, giggling and generally not paying attention when they should be. There are ways that these distractions can be reduced to provide a better learning environment for all.

Teachers can introduce calming colours into the classroom. Adding displays in pastel colours can reduce distractions and make the classroom a more enjoyable place to be. Putting students work on the wall is a great way to enhance learning. There can be a wealth of material placed onto boards to assist them with their learning.

Temperature is another factor that can affect learning in the classroom. If the room is too hot, it can cause students to be sleepy. If the room is too cold, this can cause them to be disruptive. Monitoring the temperature in the classroom is a great way to ensure that your pupils learning is enhanced.

Clutter and other distracting objects in the room can prove to be a burden when it comes to pupils and their learning needs. Having these small distractions can hinder the learning of the brightest minds. Having a minimalist classroom is essential to learning. After all, young people need to focus on the lesson at hand, as opposed to what is going on around them with their peers. This, we know, is easier said than done.

These small, cost-efficient changes can enhance a child’s attainment in the classroom. There isn’t a need for large sums of money to be spent, but for more thoughtful approaches from the school.

Specialist Mentoring Classrooms

Some schools have introduced specialist mentoring classrooms, in the form of temporary classrooms. These specialist rooms can create the perfect learning environment for students. This is especially true for those that want to attend homework clubs and mentoring organizations. These specialist classrooms can be in the form of mobile buildings, or can be created using disused classrooms.

Having a specialist place to study can enhance learning tenfold. Creating the best possible environment for students is important. Everyone is aware of the impact of not having the right environment to work or study within. Children, of all ages, are the same.

These mentoring classrooms should have a flexible use. The connections from the rest of the school must be made easier for pupils. Colours and calming influences are necessary. Having a busy, bustling room does not make for the perfect environment.

Enhancing learning within the school system means taking a look at the primary rooms that they learn in. Changing the classroom to minimise distractions is important. Enhancing learning is vital to a child’s educational success. What is more, this is cheap to do.