How To Create A perfect Learning Environment For Preschool Children

image supplied by Emily Goodstein

Getting a good start is everything in education, and the work done by nursery schools gives a strong  foundation onto which we build the rest of a child’s learning life. Suitable surroundings must be provided to make the child feel comfortable, inspired, and safe in this big world that they will one day own.

It is no longer enough to provide adequate classroom. People must pay attention to the finer details so that the environment is conducive to learning and happiness. If you are thinking about putting together a classroom, there is some helpful advice here to help you on your quest. Here is how to  create the perfect learning environment for preschool children.

The Building

Thankfully, the old Victorian buildings with inaccessible windows are being knocked down or hopefully, converted into homes one by one. They are beautiful buildings, and it is a shame to see them disappear, but they are very imposing to a young boy or girl entering them for the first time. If you have land on which to build your nursery school, The Learning Escapes Eco Classrooms are a perfect solution. These buildings made from sustainable timber are a far cry from old fashioned mobile classrooms. They are built to be permanent, very attractive structures in bespoke designs to suit your needs. Your building must have plenty of windows so that the children can see outside and work with natural light. Window blinds are perfect for controlling the brightness of the room so that nobody is sitting in blazing sunshine.


Just as in the workplace, there are optimum working temperatures for children. The classroom must be kept between eighteen and twenty four degrees so that the children are comfortable. Hotter or cooler temperatures will affect their ability to concentrate and have fun. There are many forms of heating that will accurately warm the building, the most controllable being underfloor or central heating. Try to avoid the use of electric storage heaters if possible as it is difficult to keep a level temperature throughout the day. The room is often stifling in the morning and cools down in the afternoons.


You must, by law, install separate toilets for boys and girls. Remember who they are for and install suitable facilities for little people. There are small toilets and urinals in production, so you will have no trouble finding the right items for the room.


As with toilets, the furniture must be a suitable size for the little ones. Large, low tables are essential features to help children interact with each other when working and playing; It is better for children to share a table than have one each, because it helps their social skills develop better.

Floor Coverings

Fit an area of comfortable carpet, so that the children have somewhere to sit on the floor comfortably during story time. The carpet needs to be quite hard wearing and stain resistant for obvious reasons.

Vinyl floor covering is a firm favourite in classrooms, particularly where water and paint are in use. The surface must be durable and easy to clean, so there is no restriction in the activities they undertake.

If you plan well, recruit the best workforce, and provide the best classroom, there is no reason your nursery shouldn’t be a success. It is a rewarding and lucrative business if done correctly.