Why Music in School is so Vital for Later Life

Music is something not always taken seriously in schools. And this is a shame because music’s so important. Not just when you’re in school, but in life as well. There are so many skills you pick up in school that aren’t always academic. There’s also so much knowledge you absorb that has nothing to do with world history or double maths. And music falls nicely into this category. It’s important for so many reasons unrelated to academia.

It might not occur to you, but you need to appreciate music in school. In many ways, it’s one of the most valuable lessons you can take. And, in fact, given the choice you should think about taking music lessons. Maybe you could learn piano on a wonderful Markson piano. Or dust off a classic Gibson guitar and start strumming away. So, now you’re wondering why music is so important right? Well, here are the key reasons.

Improves Creativity

Music is a fantastic way to improve creativity. Many people are analytical. Indeed, the majority of what we learn is school is analysis. But in life creativity is just as important. And there’s something to be said for picking up this skill at a young age. Creativity helps with mental function and development at a young age. And making and learning music is one of the best ways to boost your creativity.

Helps Channel Emotions

When you’re young, you’re a ticking time bomb of emotions. You can’t speak to adults about it because they’re, well, adults. But kids need some way to channel their emotions. And fighting or breaking the law isn’t helpful for their development into adolescence. It sounds silly, but music’s an excellent source of channelling emotions. Anger, upset and happiness can all get directed into playing musical instruments. This might help people better understand what they’ve been feeling.

Uncovers Talents

In some cases, music can help to uncover talents. If you start playing music in school, you might find you have a natural aptitude for it. This could lead to the start of your musical abilities developing. Someone might notice your talent and nurture you to help that talent grow. If you excel, you might even find this leads to a career as a musician later in life. Youngsters playing music in school today could grow up to become the rock stars of tomorrow.


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Allow You Expression

In a similar vein to helping you channel emotion, music allows you to express yourself. Whatever you’re feeling or trying to say you can use music to say it for you. As N.W.A. famously told us, it’s important to ‘express yourself’. And music is perhaps the ultimate way for us to do this. Many of us find music later in life. And this is still great. But you’ll be able to develop and express much quicker by embracing music in school.

Now you’ve read this post you may have been convinced by how important music is. It’s as important as all hobbies and interests in our lives. If you’re still at an age where you can benefit it, you need to start learning. If you’re still in school or higher education, think about taking music lessons. Or join a music society. If you have kids, hopefully, this post will convince you to encourage them about the importance of music for development.